DWCC is your liaison between Alberta and the Netherlands.
DWCC is specialized in building  and maintaining connections between the Netherlands and Alberta.
Those connections can be:
  • business related;
    • new markets
    • business development
    • research and development match
    • business trips
    • fair/trade show participation
    • seminair participation
  • leisure and travel related;
    • tailor made travel in Alberta or in the Netherlands
    • arrange your complete business trip abroad; including hotels, trips, etc.
    • ask us for special local deals on hotels, car rentals, campers
    • we can help you to setup your trip in The Netherlands or in Alberta (Western Canada)
An Albertan delegation in the City of Kampen
  • Job related:
    • people who are looking for a job in Alberta can get assistance. Information for those people can be find on our Staffing and Personnel page.
    • businesses in Alberta who are looking for well trained and experienced staff are also adviced to go to the Staffing and Personnel page.

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