Our potential clients

DWCC understands the business cultures in the Netherlands and Alberta and speaks both languages. Our approach will always be from the side of interest from the other party. What interest does the potential business partner have to do business with you. What is triggering the other party to say: yes, let’s do business.

Clients from Alberta
When an Albertan business is looking for expansion for its business in the European Union, then DWCC would be the right partner for you to guide you in this complex matter. More than 60% of all European Distribution Centres are in the Netherlands. DWCC has the connections ready for you. The only thing you have to bring to our table is your business case.

Alberta Mission in the City of Nijmegen at Room for the Waal

Clients from the Netherlands
When a business from the Netherlands wants to do business in Alberta, DWCC will be the right partner to connect with. DWCC has a wide network of businesses and Government relations in Alberta. DWCC can setup the connections for you and will be the organization which will conduct the follow ups of your meetings with companies here in Alberta.
Dutch Mission at a forestry plant in Alberta

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